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Student plays piano recieved through Music for Life Alliance Music for life Alliance helps put music in the hands of disadvantaged children

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The Music For Life Alliance is a 501c(3) tax exempt, not for profit charity that facilitates the efforts of individuals and organizations making music learning accessible to young people who may not otherwise be able to experience the educational, psychological, and social benefits of making music. Through awards, grants and recognition, and by creating and maintaining a national database, the Music For Life Alliance helps support and unify grassroots efforts across the country.

MFLA Award Recipients

This month's featured organization

The Children's Music Network

We recognize children's music as a powerful means of encouraging cooperation, celebrating diversity, building self-esteem, promoting respect and responsibility for our environment, and cultivating an understanding of nonviolence and social justice.

The Children's Music Network celebrates the positive power of music in the lives of children by sharing songs, exchanging ideas and creating community.

We meet and stay in touch to share songs and ideas about children's music, to inspire each other about the empowering ways adults and young people can communicate through music, and to be a positive catalyst for education and community-building through music.

During Muriel`s Annual Thanksgiving Show, Anna Stange (president) accepted the "Those Who Make A Difference Award" and grant check on behalf of Children`s Music Workshop.


This beautiful Walden guitar and case were generously donated for the raffle by Tobias Music of Downers Grove, IL.

Our chapters work to support the creation and dissemination of life-affirming, multicultural musical forms for, by, and with young people. CMN regional chapters all around the country organize both local and regional gatherings which are open to CMN members and non-members alike.


The Children's Music Network
10 Court Street, P.O. Box 22
Arlington, MA 02476

(339) 707-0277

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Awards and Recognition for Organizations Making a Difference

There are a growing number of individuals and organizations stepping up to the great need for kids to learn music, in the face of ever-growing cutbacks in the arts. We believe that these organizations need support and recognition for the positive impact they are having on our next generation of citizens. MFLA grants and awards, as well as our community of sharing resources are but a few ways to encourage their work and dedication. If you have a recommendation for our next MFLA awards, please email Al Norton.

Expanding Our Database of Organizations Making a Difference

Whether you have needs for your music program or have an instrument or time/services to donate, Music for Life Alliance is set up to help you. Explore our Links Page to locate worthy organizations in your area or who may be in need of your resources. You may also download our database from here in a format more friendly to your system and software:
- Member Database in PDF format (455KB)
- Member Database in XLS format (874KB)

Do you have an organization capable of giving musical instruments and lessons to kids who my not otherwise experience the joy of making music? Please contact Al Norton and join our "Organizations Making A Difference."

The organizations listed in our database are mostly nonprofit. We make every effort to research them to keep them updated and assure their effectiveness. However, also contact them yourself, as nonprofits may change and we cannot claim responsibility for any of the organizations listed here. We appreciate any feedback you may have.

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