Children`s Music Workshop

Name Children`s Music Workshop

On the Web

Contact Larry Newman, 818-98-MUSIC,

Provides Instruments

Provides Instrument Classes Yes

Information, Networking, Support Yes

Scholarships Yes

Grants Yes

Performance Opportunities Yes

Music Therapy

Music Ed. Programs & Curricula Yes

Seeks Volunteers 0

Seeks Instruments 0

Seeks Donations 1

Mission To help put music education back where it belongs in the curricula of our public and private schools by providing a high quality, integrated, flexible and affordable music education program for all students.

What it does Specializes in a variety of products and services including custom designed band and orchestra method books, school site music instruction, instrument sales and rentals, music education advocacy and more. Children`s Music Workshop currently coordinates instrumental music programs at more than two dozen public and private schools in the greater Los Angeles area.


Regional Yes

Region Abbreviation CA

Region Served Los Angeles area, California

At-Risk/Under-served Youth

Tax-Deductible Non-Profit

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