Foundations Of Music

Name Foundations Of Music

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Contact Steve Hartley, (312) 255-9454,

Provides Instruments Yes

Provides Instrument Classes Yes

Information, Networking, Support

Scholarships Yes


Performance Opportunities Yes

Music Therapy

Music Ed. Programs & Curricula Yes

Seeks Volunteers Volunteers are needed for special projects and events all year long. Sign up to give your time and talents by logging in to your Foundations of Music account and selecting `Volunteer` from the drop down menu.

Seeks Instruments

Seeks Donations $30 per month is enough to underwrite one student`s music education for an entire year! Donations via website and other.

Mission Music for every child.

What it does Education programs, curricula, lessons taught by artist educators, in classes, including general music, choir, songwriting and production,and workshops on blues and jazz music. Also after school programs and workshops.


Regional Yes

Region Abbreviation IL

Region Served Chicago, Illinois

At-Risk/Under-served Youth Yes

Tax-Deductible Non-Profit Yes

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