Hope In Harmony Inc.

Name Hope In Harmony Inc.

On the Web www.hopeinharmony.org

Contact Christine Occhino, 203 940 0620 - 0, christine.occhino@hopeinharmony.org
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Provides Instruments Yes

Provides Instrument Classes Yes

Information, Networking, Support



Performance Opportunities

Music Therapy Yes

Music Ed. Programs & Curricula

Seeks Volunteers Seeks volunteers for programs.

Seeks Instruments 0

Seeks Donations 0

Mission Use music to help and heal those in need within the community by providing various educational and therapeutic programs.

What it does -Volunteer musicians bring in instruments and equipment to teach community members and patients how to play, read, and write music.
-Volunteer musicians work with community members and patients to create their own music. They bring in volunteer recording engineers to record and produce their songs. They bring an on-site mobile recording studio, and the finished recordings are packaged and delivered upon completion.
- Volunteer musicians go into the heart of the community or from room to room in healthcare facilities providing live music for patients.


Regional Yes

Region Abbreviation CT

Region Served Southern CT

At-Risk/Under-served Youth Yes

Tax-Deductible Non-Profit Yes

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