Name Rawkstars

On the Web www.rawkstars.org

Contact Jonathan Jacobs, jjacobs@rawkstars.org

Provides Instruments Yes

Provides Instrument Classes Yes

Information, Networking, Support

Scholarships Yes

Grants Yes

Performance Opportunities

Music Therapy

Music Ed. Programs & Curricula

Seeks Volunteers Participate as a music instructor, mentor, fundraiser, event volunteer, business advisor, grant writer, or in a some other way: http://rawkstars.org/home-volunteer.do

Seeks Instruments Needs instruments - esp. electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass, drums and keyboards. Old, new, novice, advanced, slightly-used or well worn - no donation will go unused.

Seeks Donations Via the website at https://rawkstars.org/donate-instruments.do

Mission Changing kids` lives through the power of music.

What it does Provides private lessons at a certified music store in the student`s local area. Financial support to eligible students enrolled in an accredited college program related to a musical discipline.

National Yes


Region Abbreviation US

Region Served National

At-Risk/Under-served Youth Yes

Tax-Deductible Non-Profit Yes

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