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Seeks Volunteers If you`d like to donate your time or your know how, etc., then please contact Kristin Thibedeau at 818-705-1754

Seeks Instruments Contact Kristin Thibedeau at 818-705-1754

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Mission Partner with elementary schools to provide students the opportunity to make academic advancement through studying music, with goals of teaching music as a discipline, integrating the music curriculum with classroom learning, and educate teachers so that they can utilize music in their daily teaching.

What it does A weekly, 45 minute music education program designed to teach students how to recognize and write musical notes, understand and duplicate rhythms, and play patterns on a keyboard. Instructors are professional musicians and core classroom teachers are trained in how to use music in their classrooms to enhance overall learning.


Regional Yes

Region Abbreviation CA

Region Served Los Angeles area, California

At-Risk/Under-served Youth Yes

Tax-Deductible Non-Profit Yes

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