Traveling Guitar Foundation

Name Traveling Guitar Foundation

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Contact Damon Marks,

Provides Instruments Yes

Provides Instrument Classes Yes

Information, Networking, Support


Grants Yes

Performance Opportunities

Music Therapy

Music Ed. Programs & Curricula

Seeks Volunteers Musicians and other industry professionals who can spare some time are needed.

Seeks Instruments Usually donated by the sponsoring companies.

Seeks Donations Via website

Mission Make quality music instruction available to interested children from low-income families in order to enhance their lives through participation in the music community. Ensure that elementary and high school students have access to music education and musical instrument instruction while they are in their school years.

What it does Travels to schools and put on a music educational clinic for the kids - providing musical instruction, performance, and discussion on a wide variety of topics related to music, instruments, and music education. The other is that they donate guitar kits and other instruments directly to the schools to supplement their music programs.

National Yes


Region Abbreviation US NJ

Region Served A national scope with special focus on New Jersey

At-Risk/Under-served Youth Yes

Tax-Deductible Non-Profit Yes

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