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Auburn Journal

"Concerts motivated youth to learn instruments"

... The last concert of the 2007 season featured a wonderful guitarist named Muriel Anderson. Her concert motivated our daughter who was 12 at the time to come home and start practicing her father`s guitar. She has now surpassed him in skill and he is very proud of her. This motivated her older brother to start playing the guitar and he is also doing very well. He has also started playing the banjo since then. read on . . .

Premier Guitar Magazine

"Doing it for the Kids: Music for Life Alliance" in Premier Guitar Magazine

During NAMM`s party-packed Saturday night, one of the top draws was Muriel Anderson`s All Star Guitar Night, featuring a cavalcade of talented guitarists including David Grissom, Lawrence Juber, Monte Montgomery and Muriel herself (check out our exclusive interviews with David Grissom, Rusty Cooley, Pete Anderson and Ladd Smith on page 66). However the real story lies in the organization benefiting from the show. The program, called the Music for Life Alliance, is largely funded by performances like the All Star Guitar Night, and its efforts put instruments in the hands of children across the country. read on . . .

New Directions for the Music for Life Alliance

Founded by Muriel Anderson with funds from her All Star Guitar Night shows, the Music for Life Alliance was initially under the roof of the Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis, MO. The Sheldon foundation has and continues to administer the collection and distribution of hundreds of instruments in St. Louis as well as a number of other cities under its new title "Music for Lifelong Achievement."

The goal of the Music for Life Alliance was first envisioned as twofold. As the Music for Lifelong Achievement continues its successful efforts collecting and distributing instruments to school and community music programs, the Music for Life Alliance focuses its efforts to support music education efforts across the country. A national database is a primary tool in unifying and expanding the efforts of many people and organizations, as well as a series of small grants and awards.

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