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New Directions for the Music for Life Alliance

Founded by Muriel Anderson with funds from her All Star Guitar Night shows, the Music for Life Alliance has taken new wings under the direction of the Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis, MO.  Over the past several years, the Sheldon has and continues to administer the collection and distribution of hundreds of instruments in St. Louis as well as a number of other cities.  Its MFLA programs emphasize the importance of music education in the lives of young people. Inspired by the success of the St. Louis chapter, the Sheldon is opening more chapters across the country,under the new heading.
"Music for Lifelong Achievement" This out reach continues to grow as we come together to reach an exciting time in optimizing our efforts.
The goal of the Music for Life Alliance was first envisioned as twofold.  Its primary focus has been on collecting and distributing instruments to school and community music programs serving young people who may not otherwise be able to afford an instrument.  The second goal of the Music for Life Alliance is to bring together efforts by individuals and organizations dedicated to getting musical instruments and lessons into the hands of young people who might not otherwise be able to experience the joy of making music.  A national database is a primary tool in unifying and expanding the efforts of many people and organizations.
As the first goal is becoming a reality thanks to the efforts of the St. Louis chapter, the new focus of the Alliance in the coming years will be the creation of a national database to help facilitate the work of its members, including the various chapters of the Music for Lifelong Achievement.

If you are interested in helping us to create and expand our database of individuals and organizations supporting music education for children who may not otherwise be able to experience the joy of making music, please email:

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